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1-1 Lessons

45 minutes teaching


  Tailored lesson plans
★  Materials and resources

★  Travel time and cost

★  Ongoing advice

★  Innovate teaching methods

★  Parent Guidance


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Home Schooling

Private tuition

2-hour lessons


Currently on hold

Special Offer

Also available for supply and interventions in Lichfield and local schools

Contact me

"Helen began tutoring my 7 year old son in July 2019 when it become apparent that he was struggling at school.

Helen is reliable and punctual and her lessons last a complete hour. She is always eager to offer advice on how I can support my son. She clearly enjoys teaching and it shines through during her lessons.

My son looks forward to Helen coming each week and he has said that her support has been helping him in class. I also feel that my son's confidence has grown immensely since he has been tutored by Helen.

Helen has been an excellent tutor and for those looking for a tutor I can highly recommend her.



It would be lovely to hear from you

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